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Ecommerce Strategy

Sucessful ecommerce projects start with a clear strategy. I work closely with clients to understand the key business objectives and translate these into sustainable ecommerce / digital strategies.

Wireframes & UX

Well thought out wireframes help to agree the desired layout and functionality of the website and feature creep and cost over run later down the line.

Project Specification

Scoping and planning for SME ecommerce projects including functional specifications, RFI and ITT documentation.

Supplier Selection

Selecting the right platform and implementation team for your ecommerce project can be a minefield. I work with clients to identify a suitable selection criteria for suppliers and help to evaluate supplier responses to the RFI and ITT.

Project Management

I can work alongside your existing ecommerce team and with external suppliers to oversea the day to day delivery of your ecommerce project.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Looking at web analytics to make targetted improvements to the website which are tested an refined to get the best possible performance from your ecommerce website.